Emergency Denture Repair

Same Day Emergency Denture & Partial Repair in Oak Lawn
Near Evergreen Park & Alsip

If you have broken your denture or partial, or a tooth has come off, we can usually repair it the same day. Often, while you wait. Extensive damage may take longer to repair, of course. It is best to call early - or even the night before to alert us. We will do our best to get you smiling again quickly.

We do many denture repairs and partial denture repairs. Even extremely damaged dentures can sometimes be repaired good as new.

So weather you have broken your denture in half, fractured a piece off the pink flange, broken or knocked off a tooth, or have broken a metal clasp off your partial denture, we can help.

We also make wonderful new dentures and partial dentures, when the time is right for you.

For Emergency Denture Repair in Oak Lawn, Contact Dental Care Oak Lawn

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